Demonstrate Webex iOS SDK for customers

The Hey Webex App has been written to demonstrate the Webex iOS SDK, and can be skinned to a vertical theme or completely customized images. The app includes features such as;

Install: Because of the Apple submission policy, the App cannot be posted on the App Store. As such Apple's Test Flight platform is used. From the Apple App Store, download TestFlight onto your iPhone or iPad. Once installed, using your devices browser enter - this will cross launch to the newly installed TestFlight app and allow you to download Hey Webex.

Setup: Once installed, launch the app, then go to the Settings tab and;

  1. Login using a Webex Teams account
  2. Set a SIP video address
  3. Specify a Webex Space (used for messaging)
  4. you can also choose to customize the look and feel
  5. Now back on the Details tab, you will be able to leverage the Call and Chat buttons


Home page

Navigation menu at bottom

Options to Call or Message

Buttons at the top allow you to perform a Webex video call or Webex messaging

Webex Video Calling

Allows selfview, mute, switch camera and end call

Webex Messaging

Allows viewing messages and sending messages

Settings Options

Allows you to login, set SIP address, select desired Webex messaging space as well as options to customize pages

Customize Pages

Select from a number of existing Themes such as Medical, Finance and Retail. Also allows you to use your own images.


The following features do not currently work. It is my intent to add these over the coming weeks/months. If there is something you would like see that is not listed here, please submit the feature in the Feedback section of the App.